Reason Behind Sudden Growth of Hotel Industry in Rajasthan

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Published: 08th January 2011
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Hotel and hospitality industry are among fast growing segment in India. The hotel industry is inseparably linked with the sector of tourism. The high potential of tourism in India is contributing to rabid development of hotel industry. India has numerous tourist sites but many of them were inaccessible due to weak transportation system and lack of comfortable accommodation arrangement. Now world class comfortable hotels are made in each and every part of India to promote tourism. So, one can say that tourism and hotel industry are largely dependent on each other. Many tourism destinations are unexplored. The government of India and fun loving people are exploiting those destinations to make them tourist friendly. Hotels are being made at those places as wells. Similarly, there are many reasons behind sudden growth of hotel industry. Rajasthan is frequently visited tourist corner in India. Due to high potential of tourism in Rajasthan hotel industry is getting boosted.

Large numbers of domestic and international tourists rush to Rajasthan every year. They spend good time in the state to explore the charming and historical attraction. During their stay in Rajasthan, they prefer staying in hotel that provides world class amenities to the customers. There are many heritage hotels in different cities of Rajasthan to accommodate people. So, hotel industry is passing through a growing phase in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is also a preferred destination for wedding tour. Families seek spacious hotel of traditional style providing comfortable accommodation to the guests. Hotels of Jaisalmer are considered suitable for celebrating marriage ceremony. The hotels are spacious and open space are also available in the hotel premises for various performing various rituals.

The delegates who visit India on official and business meeting also prefer the peaceful hotels of Rajasthan. Hotels of Udaipur are ideal for business gathering and official meetings.

India is one the pace of development. It is developing her in all infrastructure and sectors. Hotel industry and tourism are also therefore getting continual growth. Rajasthan is the showpiece of India as many people visit the land. Therefore, developments are made to provide royal hospitality to let the visitors feel great for India.

These are some reasons behind sudden growth of hotel industry in Rajasthan. High potential of Rajasthan tourism is the main cause of this growth. Rajasthan is famous for housing numerous forts and palaces. Rajasthan Desert Tour is also a preferred choice among tourists. They are fond of exploring the golden beauty of Thar Desert and beautiful sand dunes.

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